Located in geographical centre of China, Xi’an is regarded as an important communication hub in the nation. The city has already developed a modern transportation network in terms of air, rail and road travel.
By air to Xi’an
Xianyang International Airport (XIY) in Xi’an is connected to almost every major Chinese destination. International airlines can approach XIY either directly or via transfers in Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong. Presently, Xi’an has become the city with most international connections in Western China.
By shuttle to Venue
There are several shuttle bus lines at XIY, which normally takes ~50 min to reach a place near the venue, and then you can take a taxi to the venue (西安锦江国际酒店,Jin Jiang International Hotel Xi'an). Further information of airport shuttle can be reached at
By taxi to Venue

Alternatively, a fast connection from the XIY to the venue is taking a taxi. The average fare is ~$20. Detailed information can be found at
For your convenience, it is better to print out the details of hotel in Chinese as below and show it to the taxi driver when you take the taxi.
Venue name: 西安锦江国际酒店(Jin Jiang International Hotel Xi'an)
Address:中国陕西省西安市浐灞生态区欧亚大道西段6号 (No.6 west section, Euro-Asia Ecological District,Xi'an , Shaanxi, P.R. China)



●    We have negotiated a very affordable price for all attendees but reservation through the conference secretariat only by email to Please provide your accommodation date, name and passport number to the secretariat.
●    A wide range room options are available for different needs at very affordable prices.
●    Other options are available with nearby hotels in the price range of about US$50-70 per night (3-5 stars).